New York Child Support Attorney

Disputes involving child support are all too common in New York, and while many separated or divorced parents are able to reach amicable agreements, plenty of other ex-couples choose to pursue a resolution to their conflict via legal venues.

How is Child Support Determined in New York?

Child support is paid for by the parent who does not have primary custody. These payments are designed to help ensure that the child’s cost of living is adequately accounted for on a monthly basis. The figure itself is based on a percentage of the parent’s income and the total number of children. For example, the contribution for one child is 17% of the parent’s combined income, which goes up to 25% if there are two children involved, 29% with three children, 41% with four children, and tops off at a minimum of 35% for five or more children.

Additional circumstances may be considered, and these can include factors such as:

  • Physical and emotional health of the child
  • The financial resources available to each parent
  • The child’s past and current standard of living
  • The educational needs of either parent
  • Additional contributions made by the noncustodial parent

Need A New York Child Support Attorney?

Are you involved in a dispute over child support in New York? If so, you need to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney, someone who can advocate on your behalf and ensure that you are not involved in an unfair arrangement that works against your interests.

Experienced attorney Diana Mohyi is well-versed in legal matters involving child support in New York, and she works hard to help protect her client’s interests.   

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