Real Estate Attorney in New York

New York City is not only an epicenter of the real estate deals but also property disputes. Whether it be landlords who need to evict non-payment tenants or tenants whose landlords are not upholding their side of the lease agreements by failing to provide essential services, for example — let Diana Mohyi help you.

Matters we handle include (but not limited to):

  • Residential landlord tenant disputes
  • Corporate landlord tenant disputes
  • Disputes with neighbors
  • Nuisance cases
  • Broker Fees –  Diana Mohyi Attorney at Law P.C. can also represent brokers who have been denied their broker fee as a result of the unscrupulous actions of the other broker or another party. As a former full time broker, Diana Mohyi has seen the cut throat environment of New York Real East first hand. It would be a pleasure for her to represent any broker wronged in this way on a contigency basis.